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Exposure at "Blue-Chip" is unmatched. A camper is judged by his performance at "Blue-Chip" but that’s just the beginning.



About Us

Rick Bolus' High Potential "Blue-Chip" Showcase Basketball Camp is among America's top exposure basketball camps. Numerous campers who have attended "Blue-Chip" in the past have been selected to Street and Smith’s High School All-American Teams.

Blue-Chip's” organization, location, and facility are unmatched among exposure camps. The "Blue-Chip" experience is one that will never be forgotten and will have a real impact on the camper's career.

My winters are extremely busy and if I'm fortunate enough, I may see you play. However, by attending “Blue-Chip”, you are guaranteed I will watch you play. Not only do nationwide college coaches and bloggers come to observe camp, a camp internet report including all campers is available to over 2,000 college coaches nationwide. Also, we send out a camp report featuring each player to numerous college coaches nationwide representing all levels of play. No other camp in America provides this service for its campers. Also, blogger, Ron Harrison of will be there.

For an exposure camp to be effective, it is vital for the camp director to be involved and active in his recruiting service, as well as a daily attendance at camp. This is the case at "Blue-Chip". I maintain a constant presence in the gym the entire day.

Regardless of your playing ability, there is a spot for you at “Blue-Chip”. All-American recognition can be hastened if you are that caliber. Your college scholarship offers can be broadened nationwide by attending. If you are flying under the radar screens of college coaches, a good performance could put you on the road maps of recruiters. Finally, if you just want to polish up your game and compete against top-flight competition, "Blue-Chip" is just the place for you as you prepare for the next season.

I look forward to sharing the "Blue-Chip" experience with you. I hope you'll let "Blue-Chip" and High Potential Basketball Recruiting Service take your game to its highest potential this coming summer.


Rick Bolus
Camp Director and Scout since 1973

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